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How does the TypeTopia touch typing course work?

The most successful touch typing course for over 30 years. At TypeTopia, your child really learns to touch type through a challenging adventure. We are happy to explain how the TypeTopia touch typing course works.

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A touch typing course at home, how?

  • Of course! Tens of thousands of kids have done so before
  • 100% from home, so easy!
  • Each computer with internet is a workplace

Tip: Do the free trial lesson together with your child!

Touch typing, and nothing else

Touch typing versus 10-finger typing

Touch typers type automatised and become much quicker.

That is why all TypeTopia exercises and typegames are focussed on touch typing. We do not rely on 10-finger typing! That is a waste of time and money.

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Varied learning track, higher motivation

A good learning track needs to go through stages. And that is exactly how the TypeTopia touch typing course is built up:

  • From easy to more challenging;
  • From slow to faster;
  • From supervised to independent;
  • Varied repetition with typegames.
TypeTopia gamification

Training through gaming = learning through play

Pssst, this is our secret weapon!

  • The use of addictive gaming techniques
  • Highscore lists
  • Every day assignment a reward
  • The child as the main character of the adventure

Adaptive training that adjusts itself to you

  • Each typegame or exercise is graded directly
  • Weak letters are registered directly
  • Personal training: targeted training for those weak letters
Adpatieve trainingsaanpak
persoonlijke begeleiding die uitlegt hoe werkt typecursus typetopia

Guidance from the Personal Coach

  • A progress update each week
  • A performance report for each module
  • Parent account for online insights
  • Question? 24/7 servicedesk

Need more help? Dyslexia, Autism, concentration problems…

Especially for children with dyslexia, touch typing is an indespensable skill

  • Use your laptop at school and at home
  • Quicker text production
  • Aid from spell check

The special settings TypeTopia offers are also helpful for children in the autism spectrum.

Video over Dyslexie en Typetopia Typecursus

Final Type diploma

  • Type exam at home when it suits you
  • Three trial exams to get used to it
  • After that the final type exam, so a piece of cake.
  • Result by e-mail with the typing diploma in PDF.
  • The real typing diploma by post within 14 days.

Since the beginning of TypeTopia, more than 300.000 children have passed.

Our unique result guarantee

  • No empty promise!
  • Certificate not met = money back.
  • Read our big print
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For over 30 years

  • Created by experienced teachers
  • Broad experience with touch typing lessons at schools
  • From mechanical typewriter to online touch typing course
  • From plenary to individually online
  • Valued internationally (NL, BE, DE, UK, ES)

Learning to touch type has never been this much fun

  • Your child as the main character in an online adventure
  • Ponemos a prueba a los alumnos con emocionantes juegos de mecanografía
  • Response capability is trained and stimulated
  • The BlindCheck examines whether your child really learns to touch type
  • So, your child is not alone in this

Experience for yourself how TypeTopia works.

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