Personal Coach

We will take you by the hand, step-by-step!

During the course, parents and children regularly receive e-mails with suggestions from your personal coach. If you have any questions, the Service Desk is available 24/7.

Aid in course planning, the online schedule

In the online schedule you can select how much you want to train each week. Three, four or five daily assignments per week. Each week we look whether you are on track with your course planning and send you an email about this. There are three situations:

  • All fine and according to plan
  • Practised, but not enough
  • No practise at all has been done.

This way, you and your parents will know exactly how things are progressing.

In the schedule you can plan time off, even if you are ill you can fill it out. The schedule calculates when you will be ready for the touch typing final exam.

Module Report and the supervisor account

Except from emails you also get a Module Report so you know how your performance has been in that module. You can also see how your performance is progressing in the supervisor account.

Clear overview of neatness, typing reflexes and typing speed

Accuracy (Neatness) is particularly important at the beginning of the course. The fewer typing errors, the less time you will need to correct them. The backspace should not become the most important key on the keyboard.

The second challenge is to train your typing reflexes (reaction capability). When you can find all the letters in a fixed rhythm, we can start to increase this rhythm very slowly. Just like in online games, we stimulate you to get better and better.

By the end your typing speed will increase by itself through our offer of increasingly challenging exercises. The course will take 20 weeks if you do a daily assignment 5x a week for app. 20 minutes each. When practicing 4x a week it takes 25 weeks, for 3x a week it takes 33 weeks.

Help with questions!

If you have a problem or a question, you can ask it via the Service Desk.

Free trial lesson?

To point you in the right direction we have a free trial lesson for children and a free trial lesson for adults. This trial lesson will give you a good idea of how we work. Afterwards you can choose to get a typing course for children or a typing course for adults. In no time you will be able to type blindly, even if you have dyslexia.

Experience for yourself how TypeTopia works.

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