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Varied learning track

Varied learning track, higher motivation

A good learning track needs to go through stages. And that is exactly how the TypeTopia touch typing course is built up:

  • From easy to more challenging;
  • From slow to faster;
  • From guided to independent;
  • Varied repetition with typegames.

1- First you learn the correct finger positioning

We go from easy to more challenging. First you learn to find the letter positions by touch at a steady pace. Also the letters Q, X, C, Y which appear less frequently, should be able to keep up at this pace. Then we challenge you to become faster step by step.

2- From slow to faster

Instead of boring typing exercises, we challenge you with typing games. With these we train in a fun way so that you can keep at it for a long time. This way, we improve your typing speed and slowly work towards automaticity.

3- From guided to independent

We start with exercises in which we almost take you by the hand during the exercise. We slowly reduce this help. Eventually, you will type in the same way as in Word, i.e. completely independently.

Video over de Typegames in typeTopia

4- Personal training with typing games

In your logbook, we build up knowledge about which letters you master less. We will practice those letters in all kinds of exercises and typing games. In this way, we will eliminate the problem and you will eventually master those letters just as well.

5- Independently type long texts without mistakes

You have already got the hang of it and you get to type some exciting texts in which you also have to do the capitals and punctuation flawlessly in order to progress. You will need less and less guidance.

Video over resultaatgarantie bij TypeTopia

6- Final touch typing examination

From module 15 onwards, the system assesses whether you are ready for the exam. You will first have three trial exams and finally you will go for your typing exam. If you achieve at least 120 strokes per minute with a 95.5% accuracy rate, you will have passed!

We guarantee that you will learn to touch type, we will make sure you do!