Test je Typesnelheid met onze typetest


How fast are you? Do the typing test.

Test your typing speed in one minute and battle with your friends, parents, or classmates.

You have 1 minute to type as many words as possible below. Be sure to type without errors, because you will be deducted points for words with typos. Capital letters and punctuation also count. The time starts when you type the first letter.

And how did the typing test go? How much characters per minute did you reach?

Typing speed (What does this say about your typing ability? Characters per minute):

Characters per minuteWhat does this say about your typing ability?
000 – 100You type whilest searching for every letter. This takes a lot of effort and text production is very slow. TypeTopia can help you become a lot faster.
100 – 120You probably type with two fingers. Tip: Learn to touch type, so you will become much faster.
120 – 150You type quite fast. When you would touch type, then you would be even faster. Our test to determine the characters per minute was no problem for you.
150 – 200If you would touch type at this speed, you would be even faster. Above 180 cpm you type automatically. By typing regularly you will even increase your speed even more.
200 – >>>You touch type, that’s for sure! By typing regularly, your speed will keep improving. In India, SK Ashraf typed the entire alphabet with spaces between each letter in 3.37 seconds. That is 908 strokes per minute.
Source: Guiness Book of Records

Do you want to increase your typing speed?

If the typing test is not yet at the desired level and you want your child to learn to type properly, join the free trial lesson. You will be surprised how much your child enjoys it. Start today and your child will soon score better in the next typing test!

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What exactly is TypeTopia?

TypeTopia is the ideal online touch typing course for children. Thanks to our unique reflex training and BlindBox, your child can type at least twice as fast in just 20 weeks! Thanks to the fun games and exciting story, even children find TypeTopia fun and stay motivated.

5 advantages of our typing course

  • Your child learns to touch type guaranteed (within 20 weeks). We guarantee it!
  • With our BlindBox and reflex training your child learns to touch type at high speed.
  • Parents especially value our extensive course support, with which you can follow your child’s progress.
  • There is a special dyslexia version with extra supporting functions and a font especially developed for dyslexics.
  • Thanks to the fun games and the exciting story children stay motivated until the typing exam.

Do you want to increase your typing speed?

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