General terms and conditions TopiaTeam-TypeTopia

TopiaTeam (TypeTopia) Terms and Conditions

A clear agreement is essential.

By signing up your child for the TypeTopia course you are entering into an agreement with us. That involves clarity, so that we know what we can expect from each other.

In order to sign up your child, you have to be 18 years old or older. By signing up your son or daugher, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Delivery

Within a few minutes after payment you will receive an e-mail with the licence key, which provides access to the full course. Delivery of supporting learning materials is usually within 7 working days after payment of the course. Please note that you have to provide an address in the course environment. TopiaTeam will account for postage costs for sending the learning materials within Europe.

2. Contract term

Each pupil has a different pace of study. It might also happen that you child will have to take a break from the course for whatever reason. At TopiaTeam, that is not a problem. Your child will have access to TypeTopia’s online learning environment until one year after purchasing the course. When your child needs more time, then contact us within the contract term of one year to come to an agreement.

3. Early termination

The agreement with TopiaTeam can be terminated within 14 calendar days of its enactment without specifying any reasons (right of withdrawal).
You are using the right of withdrawal by sending out an unequivocal statment by post or e-mail stating you want to terminate the agreement.
After that you will have 21 more days to return the learning materials with sufficient postage. Once the learning materials have been returned, TopiaTeam will return the course fee as soon as possible and within 21 days of the termination of the agreement.

Returned materials are only accepted when the learning materials are in their original state. That is, undamaged, without any writing on it, complete, treated only as reasonably necessary for viewing. The learning materials can be returned to: TopiaTeam BV, Postbus 951, 3700 AZ Zeist, The Netherlands.

4. Payment

The price of the full course is mentioned on The course price depends on the type of payment.

Direct payment
Direct payment is highly attractive. The cost of paying directly is lower than paying in instalments.

Payment through direct debit instalments
You pay in 6 monthly instalments. It is automated so you will not have to worry about it. You include your bank account details when you sign up, after which the monthly instalment will be directly debited from your account. The payments will naturally stop once you have completed the last instalment.

Late payment
TopiaTeam is entitled to deny access to the online learning environment of TypeTopia.

5. Usage of the learning materials

The intellectual property rights to the (online) teaching materials remain with TopiaTeam at all times. Use of learning materials other than for one’s own study is not allowed, nor is selling or transferring them to third parties.

6. Care

TopiaTeam takes great care in compiling and monitoring advertisements, information brochures, learning materials and their transmission. Should you nevertheless have complaints, please report them within one month of receiving the material in question: TopiaTeam Customer Service, Postbus 951, 3700 AZ Zeist, The Netherlands.

7. Complaints

TopiaTeam will do everything possible to resolve your complaint as soon as possible and to your full satisfaction. TopiaTeam’s liability is limited to a maximum of the course fee paid by you.

8. Personal data and the GDPR

TopiaTeam processes various forms of customers’ personal data on a daily basis. We do this according to the requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More information on this processing and the rights of affected individuals can be found in TopiaTeam’s Privacy Statement.

Special provisions Group Promotion

Seven days for sending out invitations

By registering your child for the group promotion, you are placing an order with payment obligation. The final price for the course depends on the number of participants who decided to join within the registration period.

Initial discount

On the seventh day after the start of the group promotion, at 11.59pm, it will be determined how many participants are participating and the amount of the discount per person.

1 participant 119 pp

2 participants 109 pp

3 participants 99 pp

4 participants 89 pp

5+ participants 79 pp

4-day payment term

After the end of the registration period for the group promotion, all parents of the participants will receive a payment link by e-mail that is valid for 4 days.

Late payment has the following consequences:

  • The discount obtained expires
  • The licence is set to inactive, the course can no longer be accessed
  • Subsequent participation is not possible.

Final approval group promotion

If all group action participants have paid within the payment deadline, the group action has been successful. Once the address details are filled in, the learning materials will be sent out.

If the number of paying participants turns out to be lower

and therefore too high a discount has been granted, the group promotion will be declined. All licences will be deactivated, any course fees paid will be refunded.  

Example 1:

The group promotion consists of three participants, the payment link will be sent with the corresponding discount. All three licences are paid within the payment period. Perfectly, everyone joins at the correct discount rate. The three participants complete the course.

Example 2:

The group promotion consists of five participants, but only one licence is ultimately paid for.

The discount calculation is incorrect, so all licences are deactivated and no one from the group action can practice anymore.

The amount for the paid licence will be returned. The group promotion has failed.

Advice: Make sure you send out a sufficient amount of invitations to make sure you will always have a group of at least 5 participants.