An exciting story with typing games. Gamification works!

Learning to touch type with a game – that’s great! It does not cost you any screen time and yet you can keep playing these typing games because you will learn something very useful.

Find out how we do this at TypeTopia!

Typegame meteorbuster

Response games train your reflexes.

In TypeTopia, we have several typing games, each serving different learning purposes. The most important group of games are the ones with an achievement in how fast you react to a “letter”. These are part of the reflexes training. This is how you learn to touch type with a game.

If you can hit all the letters on the keyboard correctly within one second, we know for sure that you have touch typed. There is simply not enough time to cheat on your keyboard, so you have to touch type.

Rewards work! Also at TypeTopia.

Online games use all kinds of techniques to keep you interested for a long time. It is precisely these techniques that we have used as much as possible in TypeTopia. 

The collectors are serviced after each completed daily assignment. An online gift in the form of an animal or adventure or a set of new wings for your TypeWing. 

The “achievers” score points by typing as correctly as possible. In the “highscore lists”, they can measure their performance against other players. You can even create groups of friends to compare scores and see which players are using TypeTopia in your area.

Typegame met beloning systeem
race game

Different types of games

Variety in practising works. That way TypeTopia stays fun and challenging to do. That is why we have programmed many different typing games. Here is an overview of the different games and their challenges:

  • Juegos de disparos, dispara las letras y evita ser eliminado del juego.
  • Racing games, typing fast and well will earn you lots of points
  • Catch games, hit the letter as fast as possible (reflex training)
  • MeteorBuster games also let you type against your reading direction. Reading forward is impossible. So you are forced to type letter by letter. This is analytical typing, especially useful in the learning phase.

Experience for yourself how TypeTopia works.

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