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Adaptive touch typing course

Each keystroke is measured

During all exercises and games, letter mix-ups are recorded. This way, you can see for yourself which letters your child has not yet mastered sufficiently.

In the section “personal training” these weak letters receive extra practise. This creates a personal learning path for each participant.

The programme itself compiles these exercises on the basis of a digital dictionary.

Targeted adaptive personal training

Suppose that the measurements show that your child misses the letter “T” relatively often. Your child often hits the letter “R” instead of the “T”.

Target letter training

The letter “T” was the target letter, so it needs extra training. TypeTopia itself generates a set of words from a digital dictionary containing the letter “T”.

Here is an example of the personal training for the letter “T”. 

star tree elevator pet think pit count flat alt lift hit button set

Hit letter training

In this example, the letter “R” would be the hit letter, which also needs extra training to avoid the confusion of these two letters in the future.

Targeted exercises

By practising in this way, you prevent incorrect behaviour from becoming ingrained. We tackle “problem letters” immediately so that they can be mastered in the same way as the remaining letters. Only when you can find all the letters in a fixed rhythm can you start training to increase your typing speed. So the less frequent letters like Q, Y and X need to be trained first in order to be able to participate at this pace.

Romer van Bavel

Unlearning takes more time than a correct approach from the start. That is why we tackle difficult letters directly so that a wrong habit is corrected immediately.

Romer van Bavel, TopiaTeam CEO

By training the letter “T” so intensively, you prevent the wrong behaviour from becoming ingrained in the motor memory.

TypeTopia analyses better than a typing instructor!

It is hardly imaginable to have a teacher manually correcting the typed letters. But it still happens. In this case, the computer really beats the teacher, as all strokes are measured and analysed immediately.

Extra practise

At TypeTopia, you can also do extra exercises outside of the course schedule. By selecting your problem letters here, you will get tailor-made exercises that will see your problem letter dissappear like snow in the sun.

Varied learning track

A good learning track needs to go through stages. And that is exactly how the TypeTopia touch typing course is built up:

  • from easy to more challenging;
  • from slow to quicker;
  • From guided to independent;
  • Varied repetition with typing games

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