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Touch typing

This is how we really learn you to touch type at TypeTopia!

Touch typing versus 10-finger typing

When you learn to type with ten fingers you still have to peek at the keyboard so typing will not become automated. With touch typing you do not only reach higher speeds but the keyboard also is not an obstacle anymore in text production. It has become automated so you no longer have to think about where the letters are.

The TypeTopia touch typing course uses three important aids to guarantee you will acquire the touch typing skill:


The BlindBox is a keyboard cover that ensures you cannot see your fingers while practising. This way you learn to find the letters from the first touch. That is touch typing and nothing else!

Stickers on the keyboard will not allow you to see where the letters is, but you will still look at where you finger goes so you do not train the specific movement. Motor memory is not being trained this way. The BlindBox ensures you do.

Reflex training

Through special exercises and typegames we train your reaction capability. One by one you will get to hear and see a letter. The challenge to you is to hit the right key as quickly as possible.

By practising this with typing games, you remain stimulated to improve. Actually, it just works like an addictive computer game. In this way we reach our learning objective, touch typing.

Typing Games

If only learning was always so much fun as at TypeTopia!

The typing games challenge you to improve yourself. Improving your reaction speed to letters or words offered to you. Just like a real computer game.

Being rewarded with points is really addictive, especially when you can unlock new items with them.

Experience for yourself how TypeTopia works.

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