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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I do a trial lesson at TypeTopia?

Natuurlijk! De eerste trial lesson is volledig gratis en vrijblijvend. Dus wil jij weten of je TypeTopia leuk vindt om te doen, probeer het direct.
In this trial lesson, you will meet other members of TypeTopia and experience how we teach you touch typing step-by-step. You will get to play the fun typing games that we offer.
Are you suited to solve the mystery of the Star Ring? Show what you can do in the first real mission during the free trial lesson.

Most of the children who participate are around 10-11 years old. But we have even had very young participants of only 7 years old.
It is important that the reading level is good and that the child’s hands are not too small to operate the keyboard properly.
We have also had outliers at later ages; for example, someone aged 80 has learned to touch type with TypeTopia.

Of how many lessons does the TypeTopia touch typing course exist?

TypeTopia consists of 19 modules, each with 5 daily tasks. In total, there are 95 assignments to do. That’s more compared to other online typing courses, which is logical because at TypeTopia we teach you to type blind so you’ll never forget. And that just takes more time and practice.

For how long is TypeTopia valid?

We will help you until you have learned to touch type properly, hitting at least 120 strokes per minute.

Almost everyone finishes the course within a year. Of course, there are exceptions in case of illness or other personal situations that make you take longer.

If your child needs a longer period of time due to personal circumstances, please contact us within the contract period of one year so that we can make an arrangement.

There is no additional charge for this extension.

How much should you practise each day or week?

When learning the keyboard, it is important to practise frequently with as few breaks in between as possible.

Each daily assignment takes about 20 minutes. The daily assignments are structured in such a way that we first start by repeating what was introduced last time. This is followed by a new letter or symbol which is practised sufficiently so that you will be able to find it again next time.

If there are too many pauses between practice sessions, choose “Extra practice” from the main menu first. This will train only the previous exercises, strengthening the basis.

Wil je sneller de cursus afronden, dat kan! Maar zorg dan voor voldoende pauze tussen de afzonderlijke dagopdrachten. Doe wat anders tussendoor waarbij je niet geconcentreerd hoeft te zijn. Bijvoorbeeld buiten spelen, sporten, chillen…

Experience for yourself how TypeTopia works.

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