Do you want to transfer from another touch typing course?


Do you want to dot the i’s and cross the t’s? No problem!

We regularly receive course participants who have previously chosen one of our competitors but have not learned to touch type properly or whose children drop out during the course.

They make too many mistakes and often cannot touch type. A missed opportunity, because correcting mistakes takes time and cheating makes you type sluggishly.

Transfer to TypeTopia now!

  • Finally, you actually learn to touch type with 10 fingers
  • Be faster at work
  • No double work

So is your child or are you already doing another touch typing course, or did you do it before and are you not satisfied? Not to worry, we regularly get transfer students. Please contact us in person through our customer service! Please also briefly describe your experience.

This is our strategy:

  • Do the blind check with your child. With this we check how far you have gotten with your touch typing skills.
  • Based on that test, we can properly advise from where to start the course.
  • We put you at the right point in the TypeTopia touch typing course and teach you to touch type.

Discount for transfers!

If you can show us the invoice for the other typing course, you will receive 25% of that amount in discount when switching to TypeTopia. (The invoice must not be older than one year).

Example: if you paid £100 for the other typing course, you get a £25 discount when you switch to TypeTopia. So £139 – £25 = £114