When learning typing is different for every child.

Typing course at what age

We regularly hear this question at the service desk.

De meeste kinderen die meedoen zijn tussen de 8 en 12 jaar oud, maar we hebben ook prima resultaten geboekt met hele jonge kinderen van zelfs 6 jaar oud. Toegegeven, die hele jonge kids zijn vaak toe aan een nieuwe uitdaging toe omdat ze al bovenmatig goed kunnen lezen. Maar ook kinderen van 13+ kunnen snel hun typeskills verder uitbreiden.

Our advice: do the course as early as possible. The sooner you learn it, the sooner you will benefit from what you can do with your typing skills. And in the lower groups they hardly have any homework.

It has even been scientifically proven that children who can touch typing achieve higher grades on a computer test. The keyboard is no longer an obstacle because they can focus completely on the content of the message. By touch typing, they write longer answers and thus get more points.

Romer van Bavel, TopiaTeam CEO

To successfully start the course, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Are the hands big enough to operate the keyboard?
  • Can your child focus on typing for 15-20 minutes?
    • They are mainly games, so if he / she can game for that long, this should also work.
  • Bekijk samen met je kind de proeflessen en kijk of ze zelf gemotiveerd zijn om blindtypen te leren.
    • If the child is motivated, then the competition has already been won to a large extent.

Online learning touch typing, does it work for young children?

Jazeker, tienduizenden kinderen gingen jouw kind al voor. Omdat The TypeTopia eigenlijk één grote game is, zijn de kids zelf gemotiveerd om verder te gaan met het avontuur.

A huge advantage of learning touch typing at home is that parents don't have to bring and pick up children from the typing class. Especially in winter it gets dark early, so to let them cycle alone…

And if my child has dyslexia?

Juist voor kinderen met dyslexia is typevaardigheid een enorm voordeel. En wel hierom:

  • Using laptop in class
  • Spell check helps with text production
  • No more troublesome handwriting

Once the reading level is at Avi 4, any child can join TypeTopia. The special dyslexia settings in the program offer extra help in learning this all-important skill.