A steady rhythmic keystroke

Before you can learn to type quickly, you must be able to find all the letters at a fixed rate. So also the less frequent letters such as Q, Y and X. Also letters that are more difficult to hit, such as Z and sometimes C, must first be able to join in this fixed tempo.

By offering exercises and games in which the letters appear one by one at a fixed rate of, for example, 40 strokes per minute, you train your brain to find this response better and better.

So this is what will happen: 

  • Stimulus = audio of the letter and letter shows on screen and stays on for 1.2 seconds.
  • Response = hit this letter within 1.2 seconds
  • Stimulus = new letter
  • Response = hit new letter
  • etc. etc.

Typing Games, that works!

Just like in computer games, we challenge you to keep improving in the typing games. In this way, we playfully reach our goal: to know how to operate all letters from touch.

By stimulating your child to go faster and faster, we playfully train the letter positions until you can find them automatically.

If you can find all the letters within one second, we know for sure that you are doing this 100% without looking. Because you simply do not have enough time to look at the keyboard. 


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