Extra discount on TypeTopia with family discount or group discount

TypeTopia at a discount

Discount rates TypeTopia

Play together with your friends or family members. The more people join, the more discount everybody gets.

1 participant€159 now £119,- pp
2 participants €159 now £109,- pp
3 participants €159 now £99,- pp
4 participants €159 now £89,- pp
5 participants €159 now £79,- pp
Payment in instalments possible

Would you like to buy TypeTopia at a discount? At Typetopia we regularly work with special offers. At the moment we have a temporary "Spring discount" of £20 (139 for 119). But you can easily get even more discount. We also work with a family discount and group discount.

TypeTopia at a family discount:

We give extra discounts to families when several family members start the typing course together. So you can join together with your brother or sister and motivate each other.

ouders en kinderen met TypeTopia

TypeTopia at a discount for the second child in the family.

Has one of the children in the family already completed Typetopia in the past and will a brother or sister be taking the course as well? Then you are also eligible for the family discount. You will have received a promotion code with instructions in the past. If you have lost it, you can contact the TypeTopia customer service.

TypeTopia at a group discount

Would you like to purchase our typing course at a group discount? For example with children from your class, sports team or friends from the neighbourhood. Then start a group action now! The more people join, the cheaper the course will be.

At 5 participants you already get GBP 70 discounted per person . (£139 for only £79 per participant). It's quite easy: 

Korting TypeTopia voor scholen

TypeTopia for schools

For schools we also offer group promotions of course. This can be done in two ways:

  • Schoolwide, when for example each year 6 pupil takes the course. The school receives an invoice.
  • Optional. Parents get a special offer, and decide for themselves whether their child will use it.