Touch typing

Learning to type with ten fingers is very different from learning to touch type. With touch typing, it is no longer necessary to think about where the letters are on the keyboard. Just like a pianist, your child types the text without looking at the keys. And that goes super-fast.

Touch typing

TypeTopia's teaching system includes special exercises that train how to learn touch typing. The reflex meter trains the type reflex, so that a child is getting better at touch typing. And the special Blind Box, supplied with the course covers the keyboard, makes it impossible to cheat from the very first moment. As a result, your child will learn to touch type and will never unlearn it.

Typing is taught blind

The Reflex method learns the letters in a certain rhythm, so that your child does not have enough time to look at the keyboard. In this way, your child learns to find the keys blind. And the use of the Blind Box makes it impossible to cheat from day one.

The TypeTopia learning package

To support, your child will receive the special learning package. This consists of the Blind Box which makes cheating impossible, a keyboard overview map and fun gadgets including the 'Do not disturb’ door hanger.

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