Characters per minute

What is a good typing speed

Typing speed under the microscope

The typing speed is a simple measurement, namely how many letters/symbols you can hit within a certain time. The speed is often indicated in “strokes per minute” or APM. The same is also indicated in “characters per minute” so KPM.

Other typing speed measurements are more common abroad. For example, in English-speaking countries the typing speed is often expressed in “Words per minute” so WPM. This calculation is based on an average word length of 5 characters. So even a longer word can count for several words.

Typing speed purely on the number of characters struck means little, of course, because what you strike must also be correct. So basically you should say Net typing speed. A certain deduction must therefore be made for mistakes made, otherwise you might as well just hit something. In the TypeTopia typing test, we deduct 5 keystrokes per error. An error you correct while typing does not count as an error. But improving also takes time, so your APM goes down if you need to improve a lot.

So the neater you type, the higher your net strokes per minute.

What is a good typing speed?

Someone who types with two, four or six fingers or even ten fingers should always look at the keyboard to find out where the letters are.

This “nodding yes” behind the computer is tiring for your neck muscles. Looking at the screen from your keyboard every time, that slows down typing enormously.

A person who can type blind keeps his eyes on the screen. This not only gives peace of mind, but also allows the typist to focus 100% on formulating the content of the message. That works a lot more relaxed and leads to a better end result.

At what typing speed do you speak of an automaticity?

From 180 strokes per minute you can speak of automaticity. If you regularly type longer pieces of text, the typing speed will easily develop to 200-250 APM. But that doesn't have to be the end point. A secretary who regularly processes texts can easily reach 350 strokes per minute.

Typing competitions are regularly held, the speeds achieved there are gigantic. 800 strokes per minute are no exception. The people who participate there train for this every day. A kind of top sport.