Conditions result guarantee

Minimal effort during the touch typing course

To be able to claim the guarantee, you have to practise, of course. If this does not happen regularly enough, you cannot learn anything.

This is what we expect:

  • Your child finishes at least 3 daily assignments a week .
  • During module 2 up until and including 5 you always practise with the BlindBox .
  • During the first 5 modules (learning the alphabet) a maximum of one week’s holiday is scheduled.
  • In the entire course a maximum of four week’s holiday is scheduled.

In this way, you take your exam after 37 weeks, well within the contract period of one year.

Please note!

In case of illness and other causes of prolonged inactivity

If you are down with flu for a week, enter it in the online shedule. If you are out of action for a longer period of time, please let us know in order to discuss how we can continue to guarantee the Result Guarantee.

  • In our many years of experience, we have managed very difficult situations. If you are absent for a longer period of time due to illness or other calamity, please let us know within the contract period of one year. We are people of flesh and blood, so we will certainly come to a solution.
  • Even if it turns out after the purchase that your child is still too young to follow the course successfully, just let us know. We will then simply postpone the start of the course by one year. Please contact us in time, i.e. within the contract period.

We only want one thing, to help you to learn to touch type.

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