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10 advantages of a typing course for children

Why should I have my children do a typing course? This is a question we hear regularly. Perhaps you remember your own traditional typing lessons at school. With a bit of luck, it helped you a lot. Nowadays, everything is digital, and so typing lessons can also be found online. In this article, we look at the 10 advantages of a typing course for children. And are you convinced? Then you can try our trial lesson together. It is free of charge and without obligation, and your child will benefit from it for the rest of his or her life.

10 advantages of a typing course for children

1. They learn to type at great speed

A good typing course teaches children to touch type, i.e. without looking at the keyboard. But it also teaches them to type fast. Those who have not taken a typing course can type about thirty words per minute. With the right typing course, children can learn to type twice as fast, and maybe even faster. Three times as fast, that is no longer an exception with us.

2. They learn to type neatly

A child can type quickly, but with many mistakes it is still a time-consuming task to deliver a flawless text. Therefore, it is important to learn to type without mistakes. A typing tutor helps to reduce the number of mistakes. Your son or daughter will also learn to type at the right speed. A good typing course also emphasises on letters or letter combinations that are difficult. By practising this more often, it will get better and better.

3. They need less time to do homework

If your son or daughter can type quickly and neatly, this will ultimately save a lot of time when doing their homework. The time that is left for your child can be spent together. There are also plenty of other activities you can think of that your child can enjoy after their typing lessons. Think about playing outside, sports or music class.

4. They can concentrate better on the content

Typing requires physical and mental effort: you think about what you want to type and your fingers shoot across the keyboard. When touch typing becomes automatic, your child no longer needs to concentrate on the keyboard. He or she only has to look at the screen. That saves a lot of effort. Moreover, all the attention can now be put on what your child is doing. So there is much more focus on the content.

5. They have a better posture

A good typing course teaches touch typing, so that looking at the keyboard is no longer necessary. Moreover, your child uses all keys equally while typing. This ensures a healthier working posture. It is not necessary to look at the keyboard bent over. It also reduces the chance of complaints as a result of RSI.

6. They develop their language competence

Dutch scientists have shown that a typing course for children also improves their language competence. They improved by leaps and bounds. The children made fewer mistakes in dictations and their essays were on average longer and better. A possible explanation is that they need to spend less time searching for the right keys.

7. They acquire the skill easily

Children are young and pick up on things easily. The younger they learn a language, the better they can become at it. The same applies to a typing course. If they learn it in grade 5, 6 or 7, they can master it easily and quickly. Later is also possible, of course. It is not recommended to start earlier, because their hands are not yet big enough for the keyboard.

8. They have a better chance at getting a job later

It is increasingly difficult to find a job these days. Employers often have a choice of candidates. Being able to type quickly, or having completed a typing course, can make your son or daughter stand out from the crowd. Some jobs even require a certain typing speed. A typing course can only benefit your child's career.

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9. They often even like it

The right typing course for children makes learning to type an adventure. Rewarding children with games makes learning fun. They learn an important skill in a playful way. Learning to type quickly and without looking becomes fun.

10. They will reap the rewards for the rest of their lives

Typing fast and blind is like learning to ride a bicycle or ice skating. Once you can do it, you don't easily forget it. It is therefore a skill that your son or daughter will enjoy for the rest of his or her life.

Try a trial lesson from our typing course for children

Would you like your child to take a typing course? Then TypeTopia is a good choice. In this typing course, the focus is first on learning to type correctly. Then we work on the tempo. All this happens in an exciting and playful way with Typing Games. Because each challenging lesson lasts about 20 minutes, it can easily be combined with school and other activities. In 20 weeks, your child will learn to type twice as fast. We even offer a success guarantee for this. Discover our typing course for children quickly and make the free trial lesson together!

Try a trial lesson from our typing course for children

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