Varied learning pathway

Unique adaptive teaching system

The adaptive teaching system ensures that your child practises at his or her own level and at his or her own pace. Trouble letters and letter combinations are automatically practised in between without your child noticing. In this way, the course remains instructive and typographical errors are prevented.

Adaptive typing lessons, what does that mean?

By not sufficiently controlling a certain letter combination, it is very easy to learn errors. With the result that your child continues to do so. The adaptive teaching method automatically keeps track of where these typos are and based on this behaviour extra exercises are issued.

Personal training

Because all exercises are adapted to the typing behaviour and level of your child, training can be done much more efficiently. Targeted training = much more effective.

Exam level in no time

The exercises remain challenging and your child does not even realise that there is extra exercise. In this way, custom work is delivered, adapted to your child's level. As a result, your child reaches the exam level much faster.

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