Frequently Asked Questions

When you have a question about TypeTopia, always check first if the answer to your question is on the list below. If your question is not on the list, please contact our service desk.

Age and multiple users in a family

What is the average age?

Most of the children who follow TypeTopia are between 8 and 14 years old, but occasionally there are also children of 7 who are busy with TypeTopia.

Can someone else participate on my licence?

No, a licence is personal and can therefore only be used by one person. Each student also goes through a personal learning path.

Can multiple people work at the same email address?

It is not possible to work with more than one person at the same email address. It is important that every student uses their own email address to log in. However, it is possible to have an email address released. An email address that is still linked to a completed course can then be used again. If you want to have an email address made available, you can submit a service ticket. You can do this by:

1. Log in to the TypeTopia login environment.
2. Go to "Service desk".
3. Scroll down on this page and submit the service ticket.

It does not work to log in a second user.

You can sign up a second person by creating a new account on TypeTopia. It is not possible to work with several people at the same email address. It is important that every student uses their own email address to log in. However, it is possible to release an email address. An email address that is still linked to a completed course can then be reused. If you want to have an email address made available, you can submit a service ticket. You can do this by:

1. Log in to the TypeTopia login environment.
2. Go to "Service desk".
3. Scroll down on this page and submit the service ticket.

How long, how much homework, practise when?

How long does the course take?

The duration of the course depends on the number of daily assignments that the student completes per week.

Number of daily assignments per weekCourse duration (excluding holiday weeks)
334 weeks
425 weeks
520 weeks

How long does a student have to practise per day?

For the proper development of the automation process and for the letters to stick to the brain, it is important to practise regularly, preferably every day. A daily assignment takes approx. 20 minutes. We therefore recommend not to work more than 20 minutes in a row with TypeTopia.

Is it possible to practise extra between lessons?

As of daily assignment 3 in module 1, you can select "extra exercises" in the main menu instead of a daily assignment. In that case, training is only done with the letters that have been learned up to that point.

How many lessons does the course consist of and what do you learn?

The course consists of 20 modules including the (trial) exams. Each module contains 5 daily assignments. Each day's assignment takes approximately 20 minutes. In the case of 5 daily assignments per week, the course can be completed within 20 weeks.

After all the letters have been taught, the comma and the point are then taught. In module 6, the capital letters are discussed. In module 8 the characters ; and : and ? and ! and accented marks are discussed. The numbers are presented in Module 9.

Can you stop in the middle of an exercise?

Yes, at any time you can stop a daily assignment. The next time you log in again, the student continues the course at that point where he last stopped.

How will I be supported?

How can I see how far I have progressed?

While working with the course, the progress bar shows the student’s progress. For example, it says 25% Module 3, course day 2. This means that 25% of Course Day 2 has been completed.

Can I call/mail for advice?

A question can be asked through the service desk by means of a service ticket. This can be done by logging in > Service desk in left menu > Submit request. During working days, TypeTopia is available by telephone from 09:00 - 13:00 and 13:30 - 17:00. Call the number (0031)343-493222.

Where can I find the reports?

Each module is concluded with a module report. To do so, go to > Login > Course > Reports. In the reports, all the scores for reflex, speed and accuracy are listed, as well as the test status. Please note that a report of a module will only be visible once this module has been fully completed.

How does the support work during the course?

TypeTopia records all the actions of each student and provides customised guidance. This allows a student to receive pointed and motivating comments. Thanks to the online teaching method, it is possible to measure the speed of each exercise and immediately detect errors. In the case of common mistakes, the special repetition exercises start automatically, so that weaknesses are immediately addressed.


How do I set up the special/dyslexia version?

The Special/Dyslexia Version can be set as follows: Login > Student name (top right) > My data > Accessibility > Check off Increased Accessibility > Save.

For whom is the special/dyslexia version?

The special/dyslexia programme of TypeTopia is recommended by internal supervisors, remedial teachers and speech therapists to children with dyslexia and/or difficulty with automation and/or fine motor skills and/or PDD-nos and/or concentration problems. In addition to teaching keyboard skills, the TypeTopia course also enhances letter-image recognition, which in turn has a positive effect on dyslexia and language development.

TypeTopia dyslexia version has been scientifically researched: Thesis research shows that the reading ability of dyslexic children demonstrably and significantly improves when they follow the dyslexia version of TypeTopia. "It is very difficult for dyslexic children to learn to read and write automatically and this typing course supports them in exactly the things they have trouble with," says researcher and educationalist Evelien Dam.

How can I change my data in TypeTopia?

How can I change my password?

The password of TypeTopia can be changed as follows: Login > Student name (top right) > Password > Change.

How can I change my home address?

With TypeTopia, the home address can be adjusted as follows > Login > Settings in left menu > Adjust address information > Click on change.

How can I change my email address?

The email address that logs in to TypeTopia can be changed as follows: Login > Settings in left menu > Login name/change email address > click on change.

Parent email address already in use

If your email address has been used to create a "child account", this can be released by performing the following steps:

1. Create a free email address for your child with Gmail or Hotmail.
2. Log in to TypeTopia with the existing login codes (your email address with login).
3. Go to the drop-down menu with your child's details >> My details.
4. Change the email address in the new child's email address.
5. Confirm this change through your child's email account.

Once step 5 is completed, your email address can be used to keep you informed as a parent.

Option 2:
If you have an,, @ email address, you can do the following: For example, if your email address is:, you can use to create a parent email address at TypeTopia. This method only works for this kind of email address, i.e. not for

Is my computer suitable?

What do I need?

The new version of TypeTopia uses intensively the latest internet techniques. Because it is very graphically, an older computer that has been upgraded in terms of software may be too weak on the graphics card side.

To be able to work reliably with TypeTopia, we recommend:
- Windows 10" or "Mac with a minimum of Safari 11.0.3.
- At least 4 GB of RAM.
- Video card with at least 2 GB of RAM.
- At least an Intel Core i5 or equivalent from after 2013 (Haswell or later).

Can I work with Linux/Ubuntu or Chrome OS?

Classic version TypeTopia: There are former students who have successfully completed the TypeTopia course using Linux/Ubuntu.

New version TypeTopia: Linux/Ubuntu have not been tested, nor can they be supported. Chrome OS has not been tested, nor can it be supported.

I cannot log in. What should I do?

I have not received a password, or I have lost it.

No password received: It is possible that the message with the login codes has ended up in the Spam folder of the email program. If possible, add to the list of allowed email addresses to prevent the loss of TypeTopia email messages.

My login details will not be accepted.

1. Did you use the correct login data?In the event of incorrect login details (username or password), a new password may be requested and will be sent to the email address known to us. This can be done through the login page of TypeTopia.

2. Has a new password already been requested once, but is it still not possible to log in because, for example, you have not received the new password? It is possible that our newly sent password has ended up in the spam folder (spam folder). Check this first!

I have a technical question

Something is not working on my computer

The best way to ask your technical question is to send a service ticket to the service desk. This can be done in the following way: Login > Service desk in left menu > Submit a question > Briefly describe the situation and click Submit a question.

Order TypeTopia

How do I order the TypeTopia Typing Course?

To order the typing course, click on the button "Order" in the top right corner of the TypeTopia website.

14-day cooling-off period
Within fourteen days of placing the order, you have the right to reconsider and cancel your order. You will then receive a refund of the course fee paid by you. You can cancel your order by submitting our contact form, by submitting a service ticket in the login area of TypeTopia, or by sending a letter to the Institute Computype, P.O. Box 951, 3700 AZ Zeist, the Netherlands.

Right to withdraw

If you are not satisfied with your product, you have a cooling-off period of 14 days. This period begins on the order date of the TypeTopia licence and there is no need to return the TypeTopia package. In this case, the purchase price will be refunded as soon as possible and at the latest within 14 days.

Can I order TypeTopia with a discount?

TypeTopia regularly offers various promotions that allow you to get a discount on your typing course. These can be found at discounts and actions.

I have not found an answer to my question in the FAQ

How can I submit a question?

I have a TypeTopia account: You can do this by logging in and then go to the Service Desk in the left menu > Submit a question.

I do not have a TypeTopia account: Go to the Contact form

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